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The Membership Drive Is On!

We have a large percentage of the Screeners already signed-on as card carrying Union Members. Now we’re going checkpoint to checkpoint, Screener to Screener, to personally invite all to join and assist in processing the paperwork.

All you have to do is fill out the forms and return them to the individual who gave them to you . . .

we’ll do the rest!

Randy Wallingford

We do have people on our side...

We do have support in high places…
we have to let them know we want and need it!

Sign Up Today!
Print out the forms, fill them out, send them in.
Interest Card AFGE PrePay AFGE AutoPay

Can I join the Union…YES!

"Employees MAY ENGAGE IN UNION ACTIVITIES when they are off duty, including when they are on breaks, provided that they do not disturb employees who are on duty."
Guidance Concerning Union Activity, sent by the
TSA Office of Chief Counsel to Federal Security Directors

December 12, 2002From Adm. James M. Loy, TSA Administrator:
"Screeners can, of course, join unions and individually be represented by union officials in workplace grievances, for example. That is THE RIGHT OF EVERY SCREENER, a right I fully respect."
Letter from J. M. Loy to CyberFEBS, March 31,2003

What can the Union do for you…

“AFGE may not be able to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement at the moment, but we sure as hell can provide them with representation in other critical areas, such as on Capitol Hill, in the courts and at their workplaces” Harnage added. “We can represent them at grievance hearings, EEO complaints and workers’ compensation cases. We can file unfair labor practices, lobby Congress, make sure their whistleblower rights are protected and ensure their own safety at the worksite. And that’s just what we’re going to do.”

How do I join up…

Fill out an Interest Card… Interest Card (PDF) and one of the following; Payroll Deduction Form OR Bank Draft Form. If you are from San Diego (and other surrounding airports) you can send the forms to me:

Cris Soulia

Cris D. Soulia
President, AFGE Local 1234
Serving CA, AZ, NV, HI

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