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Fellow Screeners

Welcome to the new www.tsasandiego.org web site. While our MSN Chat Room SanDiegoScreeners has served us well over these past 6 months, we felt it time to move on, to move up…bigger and better.

Our goal here at tsasandiego.org will be the same as our chat room…to provide you with as much useful information as possible. Information to educate not only screeners, but also the public at large. We want to clarify the misconceptions that we do not have, nor can we join, the Union. We do have one, the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), and yes, we can join AFGE Local 1. Many of us already have joined. We need to educate the public. How many of the passengers who flow through or checkpoints on a daily basis know about the "Opt-Out" issue? It’s been my observation that a majority of the flying public thinks that we are here to stay, that their safety will always be in the hands of Federal Security Screeners. Not only do we need to educate them, but also we need their support to keep the safety of our nation's skies in the hands of Federal Screeners. We also need their support in gaining recognition of our Union, our right to collective bargaining, our right to have a voice at work!

For those of you who follow the chat room, don’t worry, it will still be around for a while. We will be moving the "Links" and "Document" to this site, but we will keep the "chat" active for a while.

This Site, like our Union, is new and growing every day…so expect changes (lots of them). This is a free site, we do not charge for it’s use, nor do we sell any advertising. This site is solely maintained by the donation of its members. I would like to acknowledge VermontPet.com for its contribution of time and talent in the design and operations of our site, as well as the design of our logo. I would also like to thank Edgepark Computer Solutions for the use of its photographic art.

Remember, we live in "America’s Finest City"…let’s keep her that way!

Cris D. Soulia
President, AFGE Local 1234
Serving CA, AZ, NV, HI

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Welcome to TSA SanDiego. We would like to hear how other Airport Screeners are dealing with similar issues that we face here on the West Coast. We would also be happy to be of assistance to help promote your site. Please feel free to submit your comments, views, or opinions.

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